Building Thermography and Thermal Imaging

Locate Heat Loss

Thermal imaging cameras coupled with a Perth Windows pressure unit detect areas of heat loss within a structure. 

Locating Thermal Bridging

Once these areas of significant structural heat transfer are found, we'll be well on our way to an effective insulation plan.  

Insulation Assessment 

UKTS technicians will highlight all areas of missing/damaged insulation throughout the building envelope. 

Detecting water ingress 

Water ingress is a common and serious problem in both new and old builds. Failure to correct will result in mould, water damage and a general failure of the buildings thermal envelope. UKTS can accurately determine the source of ingress.

Assessment time

- A typical three bedroom, two bathroom house will take 4 hours to fully map. The remainder of the analysis is carried out away from your home. 


- No holes, no drilling, no samples. You'll only have to put up with one of our technicians, the whirring of a drone and a blower. 

The report

- Our technician will give a comprehensive report of where heat is entering your home from, based off this information we will be able to recommend the most cost effective renovations to your property.




UKTS is a leading British manufacturer thermally broken window and door systems for commercial and residential customers. When coupled with our insulation service this enables us to maximise the energy efficiency gained on any project.