Folding Doors

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Thermally Broken Aluminium Bifold 


"Double Glazing is to glass what thermally broken is to aluminium windows"

  Thermal Break technology reduces heat transfer by more than 1000 times regular aluminum frames.

Open up your home  
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Bi-fold/Folding doors 

Bi-fold/folding doors provide a fantastic option to open up spaces.

This Thermally broken system, comprises of a series sashes which can effortlessly be unlocked allowing uninterrupted views. 


Flush Floor Finish

Seamless Transition from space to space, our bi-fold doors can be installed with a flush finish in the sill and head .

Thermally Broken Aluminium 

Transmits heat energy across frames 1000 times slower than regular systems. Put simply Double/triple glazing is rendered obsolete without a thermally broken frame. 

Low emissivity glass (commonly known as low-e glass) 

A Low-e coating on the internal face of the double glazed section allows days to pass into the house but reduces the amount of infrared heat that can escape through the window. 


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