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What is a Thermal Break

Thermally Broken is a term which relates to the window or door frame, which is equally as important, if not more than the glass.
The frame of a window has a significant impact on the overall energy efficiency of any window and door – including that of double glazed systems. While double glazing is seen as a benchmark for energy efficiency, to select double glazing with a standard aluminium frame is only going half way to having a high performing energy efficient window.
Double Glazing is to glass what thermally broken is to aluminium windows.

Thermally Broken Aluminium Framing:
A Thermally Broken Frame is one which features a reinforced polyamide strip (a non metallic, composite, structural, material) fixed between the inside and outside aluminium profiles, creating an insulated barrier within the window frame.
The polyamide strip is a material of low thermal conductivity which will minimises the transfer of heat and cold through the window frame, resulting in improved energy efficiency.
This polyamide strip will have a HUGE impact on the transfer of heat and cold than standard aluminium.
These sections can be anodised or powdercoated to withstand the harsh Australian climate, including UV damage and salt corrosion.

January 25, 2025

Thermally Broken Aluminum System

This is a folding system without thermal insulation and offers great functionality for covering wide openings in cafes/restaurants and verandas.
The sashes are bi-folded quietly and easily, using a special rolling mechanism, to either end of the opening allowing for large free openings and uninterruptible views to the outside.

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